Substance Abuse Prevention Program
UO Academic Extension

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC)

SAPP only offers the required coursework for the CADC. The Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon (ACCBO) approves applications, administers exams, and awards certifications. Please refer to the CADC application packet for complete information.

CADC Requirements Overview

in addition to CADC I
in addition to CADC II
Minimum Proficiency Level Associate
(does not require degree)
(does not require degree)
SAPP Credits
See table below for details
18 9 3
Supervised Experiential Hours 1,000 3,000 2,000
Includes ethics agreement and verification of sobriety if in recovery
2 years sobriety
(if in recovery)
3 years sobriety
(if in recovery)
3 years sobriety
(if in recovery)
NAADAC National Certification Exam NCAC I NCAC II MAC
ACCBO Written Jurisprudence Ethics Exam

SAPP’s CADC Academic Track

Credits Course Title Term Offered
(tentative until term schedule is published)

CADC I Courses

3 SAPP 407/507 AOD Pharmacology Fall & Spring
3 SAPP 407 Assessment and Treatment Fall
3 SAPP 407 Professional Ethics AOD Winter
3 SAPP 407 AOD Counseling Skills Winter
3 SAPP 407 AOD Group Counseling Skills Spring
3 SAPP 407/507 HIV/AIDS Risk Assessment, Risk Reduction and Counseling Spring
18 Total CADC I Credits

CADC II Courses (in addition to CADC I courses)

3 SAPP 407 Drug Tx for Diverse Populations Fall, Winter, Spring
3 SAPP 407 Co-Occurring Disorders Fall
3 SAPP 407 Case Management & Records Winter
9 Total CADC II Credits

CADC III Courses (in addition to CADC II courses)

3 SAPP 407/507 AOD Counseling Theory Winter
3 Total CADC III Credits
Tx = Treatment
AOD = Alcohol & Other Drugs