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Ruth Bichsel

Ruth Bichsel is a licensed psychologist and a diplomat and a fellow in the American Board of Psychological Specialties (Behavioral Science). She is also a diplomat and a fellow in the American College of Forensic Examiners International and is a Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner. Bichsel has been involved in Native American studies and counseling/research projects with a multicultural focus since 1976. In 2014 she was awarded the Oregon Psychological Association Diversity Award.

Bichsel has more than 30 years of experience in teaching, clinical care and research in the areas of substance use, mental health and integrated health care. She has also been involved in government policy and program development for children with special needs, including adjudicated youth.

Since 1990, Bichsel has worked in the community with programs that focus on issues surrounding chemically dependent pregnant women, drug-affected children, and early parenting and child development. She has been a foster and adoptive parent to drug-affected/mentally ill children and adolescents. She has worked with substance use and mental health treatment programs, including a local veterans counseling center.

Bichsel was honored as the Lane Community College (LCC) Instructor of the Year in 1996 and since then has twice been selected as LCC’s outstanding instructor. She was listed eight times in the publication Who's Who in American Teachers. She has been featured seven times in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering and in 2016-2017 was featured for her forensic work in both brain mechanisms of substance use and the differentiation of dementias. She has been honored with a number of other scholarly and professional awards including Who's Who in the World and Sutton's Who's Who in Academia 2010-2011.

Bichsel’s other interests include animal therapy and horticulture therapy. She is a member of the American Horticulture Therapy Association and is involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation.