Substance Abuse Prevention Program
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Skip Christensen

Charles "Skip" Christensen has been in the counseling field since 1990, beginning as a volunteer for the Alliance Against Family Violence in Bakersfield, CA. He has volunteered and worked for Looking Glass Youth and Family Services, Oregon Social Learning Center, and South Lane Mental Health since 1992 as a therapist and skills trainer. He currently works for Country Counseling in Harrisburg, OR as an AD treatment group evaluator/facilitator.

Christensen loves fishing, camping and woodworking. One of his favorite sayings is "every day spent fishing is one extra day added to the end of your life." He makes his spiritual connections outdoors and his human ones only when necessary. Christensen has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the UO and a master’s in professional counseling/marriage and family therapy from Northwest Christian College. "My goal in life is to help as many people who are hurting as possible and add as many days to the end of my life that I can.”