Substance Abuse Prevention Program
UO Academic Extension

407 HIV and Other STIs (CPS)

Meeting Date(s): July 1, 2017
Meeting Day and Time: Saturday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Online Date(s): June 26-July 14
Presenter/Instructor(s): Shoshana Kerewsky
CRN: 42198
Department: SAPP
Number: 407
Credits: 02
Fee: $336
Grade Option: Optional

Introduces students to the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases that frequently infect people who use drugs or who are chemically dependent. Students will examine treatment options and prevention strategies. The legal and policy issues that impact infected individuals as well as the larger community are explored. Both national and international trends and needs are addressed. Students are expected to demonstrate respect for the client and an appreciation of individual and cultural differences, including sexual orientation. They are also expected to explore their own attitudes and biases about HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases. Instructional techniques include lecture, video, small group activities, role plays, guest speakers, worksheets, and an exam. Increased knowledge of the course topics informs future practitioners about substance use as a vector for HIV and other diseases, ways that substance use may make treatment more complex, and the general utility of harm reduction in decreasing both substance use and disease transmission.

Please note: This is a "self-support" course. This self-support fee listed above replaces the cost of regular tuition and is paid regardless of student residency status or total course load. Course fees are subject to change at anytime. For more information on tuition consult the Registrar's Office. Students using financial aid, VA benefits, or other scholarships should review the details of their financial package to confirm that self-support fee courses are covered.