Substance Abuse Prevention Program
UO Academic Extension

407 Street Drugs, Crime and Law (CPS)

Meeting Date(s): April 3-June 11, 2017
Meeting Day and Time: Tuesdays, 6:00-8:50 p.m.
Location: UO Campus
Presenter/Instructor(s): Rick Siel
CRN: 36171
Department: SAPP
Number: 407
Credits: 03
Fee: $504
Grade Option: Optional

This course has been developed to provide students with an opportunity to examine the many facets that impact the way we respond, intellectually and emotionally, to the drug issues that face our nation's communities today. This understanding involves a discussion of drug prevention strategies from a number of angles to include: what are our attitudes and perspectives about drugs (where do they come from and are they correct); a historical look at national drugs laws (what can we learn from our past and current response, to better inform our response of the future); defining the national Drug Public Policy (how effective are these three components of law enforcement, treatment and education on the "War on Drugs"); and how the political process and societal pressure can influence the direction of our prevention response strategies. Once that background has been developed the students are prepared to explore addiction potential, criminal conduct and community harm through a comprehensive examination of psychoactive street drugs.

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