Substance Abuse Prevention Program
UO Academic Extension

507 Alternative Methods in AOD Treatment

Meeting Date(s): April 3-June 11, 2017
Meeting Day and Time: Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:00-11:20 a.m.
Location: UO Eugene Campus
Presenter/Instructor(s): Michael Connelly
CRN: 36144
Department: SAPP
Number: 507
Credits: 03
Fee: $756

While psychoanalysis and individual and group counseling are the mainstream methods in the present-day drug treatment field, many other effective forms of therapy have been with us for thousands of years. This ten week course will explore current cutting-edge methods of treatment which are deeply rooted within the history and practice of medicine and health care around the world.

This class will explore the impact that sound and music therapy, relaxation, meditation, exercise, stress reduction, humor, guided imagery and other healing arts can have upon the mental, spiritual, and physiological well-being of individuals engaged in the process of recovery. Through the study and practice of these complementary techniques, students will learn additional methods to help improve treatment and healing outcomes.

Students will complete this course with a heightened awareness of their role in the recovery process. They will realize that healing begins deep within the core of each individual, and that the well being of the counselor/therapist/healer is a vital part of the treatment equation. At the conclusion of this ten week course, participants will have gained additional methods of therapy to use in the provision of care to individuals with drug dependencies.

Please note: This is a "self-support" course. This self-support fee listed above replaces the cost of regular tuition and is paid regardless of student residency status or total course load. Course fees are subject to change at anytime. For more information on tuition consult the Registrar's Office. Students using financial aid, VA benefits, or other scholarships should review the details of their financial package to confirm that self-support fee courses are covered.