Substance Abuse Prevention Program
UO Academic Extension

407 Intervention Process

Meeting Date(s): January 9-March 19, 2017
Meeting Day and Time: Mondays, 6:00-8:50 p.m.
Location: UO Eugene Campus
Presenter/Instructor(s): Skip Christensen
CRN: 26640
Department: SAPP
Number: 407
Credits: 03
Fee: $504

Do you suspect someone you know and love may have a problem with drug or alcohol abuse? Have you noticed a pattern of behavior that you know is not normal and is probably due to drug or alcohol usage? In this intervention course we will learn about strategies to motivate treatment-seeking behavior and discuss the various methodologies and circumstances of the four crucial steps (communicate, affirm, respond, and enact) of a "results-oriented intervention". If you are a professional, this class will give you the information to assist your clients and to experience the rewards that comes when a person says, "thank you for helping me to find the help I needed. You saved my life."

Please note: This is a "self-support" course. This self-support fee listed above replaces the cost of regular tuition and is paid regardless of student residency status or total course load. Course fees are subject to change at anytime. For more information on tuition consult the Registrar's Office. Students using financial aid, VA benefits, or other scholarships should review the details of their financial package to confirm that self-support fee courses are covered.